BookingzNow is more than Appointments. It’s a platform to help you run your business how you see fit. We know that using a new tool can be tricky, so we’ve answered the most common questions.


BookingzNow App

This is app is used for businesses to manage their clients and appointments using our award-winning appointment management tools. This is a subscription-based service.

TrimsNow / PetNow App

This is app is used by your Clients / Customers to make bookings with you and allows the public to see your profile including your reviews, opening times and services you offer. Its Free.

Calendar Management

The bread and butter of our app is managing your appointments easily from our calendar tools within the app. Easily move appointments to another time slot or contact your clients to let them know of changes to their appointment. Whatever you need our calendar can do.

Business Profile Page

Within the Free customer apps, the public can see your profile which makes our platform an amazing marketing tool. Your reviews are listed, your services as well as your contact information and address are listed. You have full control over what is displayed.

Calendar and Appointments

Are bookings confirmed automatically?

Yes, by default but you can change the settings so you have to confirm every booking.

Do customers get reminders of their upcoming bookings?

Yes, every customer gets 24 hour reminder emails and push/sms notifications.

Can I move appointments from one resource to another?

Sure, if you have an appointment and you need to move it to a colleague or another resource, you can use our drag and drop feature to do this. You can even choose to notify your customer or if it doesn’t matter, you can go ahead just do it.

Can customers cancel and reschedule their appointments?

Yes, customers have the ability to cancel or reschedule their appointments. Cancellation and rescheduling time are controlled in the BookingzNow settings section. You can set how far in the future customers can book or reschedule.

How do I apply holidays or leave?

This can be achieved by using the Block Out Time feature. We suggest you make sure there are no bookings on the day or days of your holiday / leave. Use Block Out Time to block out the time so your customers can’t accidently book you.

Can I see resource availability before assigning the appointment?

Off course, you will be able to see who’s available before assigning the booking. Your customers will also be able to see who’s free for a particular time slot.

Staff Members

Staff Member Permissions

There are 3 types of staff: Owner, Manager & Staffer An Owner and Manager can do everything within the app, but we will only speak with owners should they have any requests or issues with their account (this doesn’t include general questions). Staffer’s can only do a limited number of things within the app. If they try and do something above their permission level, the App will throw them an unauthorized error.

Can staff members manage their own calendar?

Yes, they can manage their calendar and all staffers can see each other’s appointments.

Working times for staff

All staff members can set their own working hours. Owners and Managers can amend staffers opening hours.

Can each staffer do a different service?

Yes, you can set what services each staffer can perform.


What categories are there?

There are only 2 types of categories. Popular and Other. Your top 5 services will be put into Popular and the rest will go into Other. You can do this easily from the app’s services screen.

Can I set prices for services?

Off course, you can set the price of a service and change it whenever you feel like it.

Can I set the duration?

You can easily change the duration of a service.


Can I add a discount to an appointment?

Yes, when you’re checking out an appointment, you can set a discount and then email your customer a receipt which will include a breakdown of the cost.

Can I take payments?

Not yet, but we’re working on it, and you will soon! We do, however, capture how your client paid e.g. card or cash.

Client Management

How do I see my client list?

We have a dedicated screen in the app called Clients where you can see all of the customers you’ve added. If a customer books with you from the customer app, they will automatically be added to your customer list.

Client History

We hold all of the details between your customer and your self-including the total revenue, number of appointments split between confirmed, finished, cancelled and no shows. We also hold all of their appointments and receipts so you never have to forget the past.


How do I invite people to BookingzNow?

You can invite people by sending them the BookingzNow App Store links. If you let us know by emailing info@bookingznow.com with the details of the referral we will make sure we show our appreciation through discounts, amazon vouchers and more!

How can I share my public profile with others?

We have a Marketing tab within the app which has a printable and shareable QR Code. The QR code will have the link of your public profile built in. We recommend you either share this via WhatsApp / Message / Facebook or print it out and stick it to the front of your shops window so your customers can scan and find you easily.

Are there any other marketing tools that you offer?

We are working very hard to bring you more features. It won’t be long now!


Do you have a reporting feature?

Yes, within the app there is a dedicated screen for reporting. You will be able to see the number of bookings, completed bookings, cancellations, revenue made, top 5 customers.

Can i download my reports?

Not yet but we are working on a feature where you can download your report for any time frame. Alternativley, get in touch and we can supply it for you!


How do i cancel?

You can cancel anytime, and we will refund you for the days left of that month.